Stop pursuing perfection

Nothing will be perfect.

As sayings like "nothing is perfect" goes, it is unrealistic to think that we can achieve perfection. There is no perfect body, job, life, or anything. When do you stop? When do you achieve 'perfection'? Like a designer's portfolio, it is a never-ending quest.

Perfection is boring.

Perfection means no growth.

Whether it's work, projects or even our lives, we can never have everything all perfect together. If everything is perfect with no other areas for change, then there is no growth and no evolution.

Mistakes and challenges happen because that's how we learn and grow. Regardless of background, experience or seniority, there are always new things to learn.

Perfection holds you back.

It inhibits you from taking risks and trying new things. Without such new experiences, there can be no new ideas or innovation. We would all be doing the same things repeatedly and life becomes boring.

Park the pixel perfect rectangles to the side - open your mind to experiments and unusual concepts. Uncertainty can be scary, but also rewarding because it opens your mind to things you may not have considered before.

Chase positivity, not perfection.

Strive for continuous improvement, but not perfection. As my yoga teacher says all the time, "being able to touch your toes does not make you a better person". Your 'perfection' maybe another person's 'nonsense'. Instead of chasing after perfection, give yourself the space to be happy with what you have achieved.

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