Now (Last updated 06-05-2024 from Glasgow)

This now page was inspired by a concept from Derek Sivers, which is a living document on what I am currently doing, right now in my life.

Side projects

I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing small posts, starting with a few on here. I am still working my way through Typescript and the API project.

New challenges

  • I have just started learning French. C'est difficile.
  • Working with backbends and the Ashtanga intermediate series
  • Plenty of projects around the apartment
  • Horse riding: learning patience and perserverance
  • New finds

    My new favourite song is Time Moves Slow. I've also discovered Cottonrake for incredible baguettes outside Paris.

    To Do

    Complete the API projectDo 'The Little Thunderbolt' without a blockLearn Passacaglia by HandelLearn G minor by BachRe-paint the bedroom

    Last played

    Nothing playing now, brb.