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Cassandra Tang

Senior Product Designer @ Pleo

What I do now

Today, I’m a Senior Product Designer at Pleo that is responsible for the full partner experience. I create delightful experienes and optimise expense management for all Pleo partners and their clients.

Before Pleo

My first job was working at a luxurious fabric shop in London before moving into the tech world where I started as a Brand Designer in Berlin. After that, I decided to try out the agency life as a Product Designer where I worked on coffee, cleaning liquids and expensive cook tops for a year and a half.

Where I'm from

The most often question that I get asked, yet never have an answer for. I was born in Australia but life's been one big adventure across 13 cities, and now I've happily put down roots in cool ol' Glasgow, Scotland.

What my manager says

A strong designer who embraces challenges, persists in the face of setbacks, and sees the effort as a path to improvement. She thrives by collaborating with others to bring structure and maturity to both the team and domain.

What am I looking for

Minimal pixel pushing, plenty of thinking. I love working on complex problem spaces that translate into sleek, impactful experiences.


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